last night I dreamed about a childrens movie, which mainly involved me on the beach and falling through space, there was something in the dreams I thought was really hilarious and when I woke up I was all “that has to go into ihots” well bros’ and sis’ I forgot it. I think it had something to do with me being stumped by the bag guy involving my liking of holes. I honestly think I’m going insane, and I’m perfectly fine with it.

I feel so lame for actually being able to say “Yeah I blog”


-colton j (dr. abdominal abomniable)

oh by the way i think i’m going to put up some of my random funny drawing in another wordpress site that i’m about to make like right this second if it’s not already a website its going to be:




I am now extremely fond of hot walnuts, no not spicy ones, the hot out of the oven walnuts, those are specially delicious[Why do walnuts look like brain?]


Jesusso today i was supposed to go get a job at fantastic sam’s, well that didnt seem too fantastic to me so i lied.

and drew this instead:

well actually i dunno how this works exactly so the pictures gonna like pop up on the page or be a link so i drew whats somwhere around this post.

i also wrote a short ballad at strawberries:

I’m a strawberry man,

in a strawberry band,

my instrument was a jar of sand,

oh i know your a fan of my strawberry band.


-colton j.